Axial Impellers

AVP Series

The AVP series impellers are variable pitch units fitted with a pneumatic actuator allowing blade angle adjustment whilst the fan is in motion. The design provides precise and continuous control of the air flow as the thermal conditions of the system change.

The impellers are supplied complete with a rotating union joint for connection of an air supply to the precision positioning valve on the pneumatic actuator.

Aerofoil blades of extruded aluminum alloy, the same used on our MAP series impellers, guarantee high efficiencies and low noise emission.

The extremely low hysteresis of the system allows very precise pitch control even after thousands of cycles. If requested an air-lock valve can be supplied to set the blade pitch to a desired value in case of an air supply system failure.

Standard operating pressures:

  • Main supply : 4 – 7 bar
  • Control signal: 0,2 – 1,1 bar
Series Blade Material Hub Type Blade Series Diameters [mm]
AVP Alluminium P 1N / 2N / 3N / 31 1.120 ÷ 3.100
AVP Alluminium D 2N / 3N /4N / 8N / 31 / 51 2.000 ÷ 8.000

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