COMET Fans is renowned for the high quality and reliability of its products.
This is achieved through a constant attention to detail and all aspects that may influence the final result:

  • all purchased components are subject to strict controls, governed by constantly updating procedures.
  • The most critical parts are subject to specific tests to verify conformity, performance, reliability.
  • Our supplier panel is selected via a strict selection criteria, and the quality of products and services they offer is monitored through the analysis of KPI’s and defined parameters.
  • The manufacturing process of the products is governed by procedures that include numerous intermediate checks and the execution of a functional test on 100% of the manufactured fan units.
  • The entire Quality System is subject to a continuous improvement process based on FMEA and FMECA tools, in addition to the measurement of internal KPI’s.

The production process used benefits from state-of-art machinery and it is based on the fundamental principles of the Knorr-Bremse Production System (KPS), being one of the most efficient on the market and characterized by concepts such as 5S, Visual Management, Value Stream Mapping.
We can also use a rigorous process of design, prototyping and validation of products, whether they are new or existing families of standard fans or single a customised designed unit specifically for a particular project or application.

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