Ventilation systems for tunnels and metro

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We offer products and services for Tunnel and Metro applications which are based upon our 30-years experience in industrial ventilation and the proven record of more than 140.000 fan units installed worldwide.

Our dedicated line of axial fan units provides a reliable solution in all the main ventilation needs of tunnels and undergrounds:

  • control of smoke and toxic gases in case of fire
  • dilution and reduction of the concentration of pollutants (exhaust gases and dust particles)
  • air temperature control
  • dust concentration control in excavation phases
  • dust extraction and filtration in excavation phases

The product range is based upon three different product series, with a very wide range of sizes and powers:

JET Series

For longitudinal ventilation in road tunnels

SAF Series

For transversal ventilation in road and rail tunnels, and for any ventilation purpose in Metro lines

ADF Series

For dust control during excavation

All fan models are in accordance with the three main classification categories of the EN12101-3 standard.

Typical installation schemes for the products:

  • longitudinal ventilation (JET only)
  • transversal ventilation (SAF only)
  • combined longitudinal + transversal ventilation (SAF+JET)

SAF Series

Class to EN12101-3



Jet Series

✔︎ F200 200°C 60‘/120‘ ✔︎
✔︎ F300 300°C 60‘/120‘ ✔︎
✔︎ F400 400°C 60‘/120‘ ✔︎


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Download products brochure

Download the Tunnel & Rail brochure dedicated to our JET, SAF and ADF series. This brochure is only available in English.

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