Axial Fans

AFT Series

The “AFT” series fans were designed for applications where it is impossible or unadvisable to couple the impeller direct to the motor.

They are normally used in the presence of:

  • large diameters (air coolers, heat exchangers, cooling towers)
dusty atmospheres
  • high temperatures
  • low noise installations
  • setting the motor outside the air flow for access

AFT units are produced in three versions:

AFTE: motor mounted outside the fan and airflow
  • AFTS: with vertical axis, motor mounted under the fan ring, on a bridge (for aircoolers)
  • AFTN: motor inside the fan casing, fully enclosed

Standard features:

with adjustable pitch blades, constructed from extruded aluminum alloy.This technology offers numerous advantages compared to traditional cast aluminum blades, including:

  • very low surface roughness
  • perfect homogeneity of the material and absence of internal defects
  • high thickness / high efficiency aerodynamic profiles
  • lightness

Polypropylene and FRP blades are also available.

Electric Motors:
High quality motors sourced from EU suppliers and manufactured in accordance with IEC standards. Special versions with NEMA motors or specific characteristics are frequently supplied on request.

Fan Rings
Made of carbon steel, electro-welded. Hot-dip galvanized, for the best protection against corrosion. Stainless steel versions also available.

Supports and drives are selected by COMET FANS according to criteria based on 15 years of experience and hundreds of installations. On some models, the bearing blocks are specifically designed and manufactured by COMET FANS.

The “AFT” series units are selected using “CometFan” dedicated software, which provides a clear and concise data sheet with operating curves, including electrical and noise level data, as well as preliminary outline drawing.
The selection is based on five blade profiles, with number of blades varying between 3 and 12 blades. This versatility gives unrivalled design options when selecting a fan unit.

Series Diameters [mm] Characteristics Power [kW]
AFTE 800 ÷ 2240 Belt-Driven Axial 0,55 ÷ 45
AFTS 2000 ÷ 4800 Belt-Driven Axial 5.5 ÷ 90
AFTN 1600 ÷ 2240 Belt-Driven Axial 5.5 ÷ 55