Axial Impellers

MF/XF Series

MF and XF Series blades are constructed from fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP-GRP-PPG).

Very low-noise characteristics and corrosion resistance are the main features of these impellers, developed to provide a lightweight, strong and durable solution in critical applications.

The XF Series blades are specifically designed for the best control of aerodynamic and noise emissions generated by the fan.

The XF Series blades are available on a wide range of diameters and they can be fitted with standard carbon steel hubs or special stainless steel hubs for very aggressive environments.

Series Blade Material Hub Type Blade Series Diameter [mm]
MF Vetroresina D MF 1.200 ÷ 10.000
XF Vetroresina D XF 2.000 ÷ 12.000

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