The European Directive 2009/125/EC associated to “Energy-related Products” [ErP] encourages the use of environmentally friendly designs (“Eco Design”) with the objective to increase energy efficiencies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Within the main directive, specific applicable standards have been developed for each product group.
Fans driven by electric motors with electrical input power between 125W and 500kW are subject to the requirements of Regulation 327/2011.
The combined motor+impeller efficiency, referred to as “N” grade, determines whether the product meets the target efficiency defined by the 327/2011 Regulation.
Every standard fan unit in our production range fully complies with the ErP Directive.
It must be noted that some specific units are exempted from complying with the ErP Directive, e.g.

  • ATEX fans
  • High temperature fans
  • Units installed on transport means
  • Smoke extract or emergency units

Please contact our Technical or Sales Offices for any specific information regarding the ErP directive or product details.

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