Centrifugal Fans


Ideal products for applications requiring a very compact, high-performance solution.
The compact dimension of the fan and the absence of a fixed direction of the airflow make these products  very useful wherever high pressures must be generated in a small space and a 90° change of direction to the of airflow is not recommended. They are the optimal solution for forced ventilation or limited space requirements (like converter boxes, electrical cabinets, air-handling units).

ORV Series fans are fitted with a simplified housing arrangement to separate the motor from the flow generated by the fan (e.g. for applications with air temperature higher than 60°C).

Ready-to install with an innovative design, the COR Series features an extremely compact design, due to an exclusive fixing system used for the squirrel-cage electric motor.

The OR/COR/ORV are fitted with the same series of impellers used in the centrifugal CF series fans and are available in carbon steel, aluminium or stainless steel, with straight, curved or profiled blades.



  • impellers in carbon steel, electro-welded and epoxy-painted
  • dynamic balancing according to ISO1940, grade 2.5
  • 3-phase motors, IP65, Insulation Class F or H, 50/60Hz, IEC60349, with specific winding impregnation for inverter-fed operation
Series Diameters [mm] Features Pressure Power [kW]
OR 150 ÷ 500 Open-Running Centrifugal (plug-fan) Up to 3000 Pa 0,18 ÷ 22
COR 200 ÷ 500 Open-Running centrifugal (plug-fan) with fixation plate Up to 2500 Pa 0,37 ÷ 15
ORV 200 ÷ 500 Centrifugal with square housing Up to 3000 Pa 0,55 ÷ 22


  • traction converters
  • auxiliary converters
  • HVAC
  • transformers
  • filtering and de-dusting systems
  • cooling systems

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