Every new product and every new version of an existing product is subjected to a rigorous validation process, which includes tests and inspections defined to provide a clear information about the performance, characteristics and degree of reliability of the machine.

The tests for an internal validation process of a new product may include:

  • Performance Testing (ISO 5801)
  • Noise tests (ISO 13347)
  • Vibration tests (ISO 14694-14695)
  • Electrical tests:
    • Absorptions
    • Continuity
    • Insulation
    • Heatin
  • Simulation of the working cycle
  • Overspeed tests
  • Shock and Vibration Test (EN 61373)

Additionally, the following tests are available upon request:

  • Fatigue tests
  • Climatic chamber tests
  • Specific tests on surface coatings:
    • Salt Spray
    • Cross-Cut
    • Thickness Measurements
  • Dynamic Response test
  • Water tightness tests
  • Impact Resistance tests

The validation tests above are supported by the availability of a complete Test Facility at our factory  where most of the tests can be carried out in a short time period and under our complete control. This allows a quick response in terms of design change or product modifications according to the test results.